It happened! Open Wide Music rocked out in front of over 1300 people at Massey Hall! 
Thanks to all who came out to support us and to support such a great cause. Heaps of money was raised for SOS Children's Villages thanks to the hard work of Andrea Iscoe and her army of musicians, promoters, and other organizers. This show alone raised at least $20,000 which will completely fund one house (food, clothes, education, medical, etc.) for one full year. The "A Night At Massey Hall" House is located in the Ond Angwa Village in Namibia, Africa.

For more information, or to donate or sponsor a child, please visit

We are legally prohibited from displaying any video or pictures from this show on our website, but I heard that maybe, perhaps, there is an audience clip or two floating around on facebook or youtube or somewhere.http://www.soschildrensvillages.cashapeimage_1_link_0